About Us

First, we'll answer the question at the top of your mind "What does OQCS stand for?.

The real answer is we stand for quality childcare, quality daycare and quality childcare. We do everything we can to make sure there is more quality today than there was yesterday.

We know, the answer you really wanted is: the Organization for Quality Care and School. We are dedicated to making it easy for parents to find childcare providers they can trust, and making sure childcare providers get the information they need to provide the level service they want.

OQCS was founded and established by the same folks who founded Set Sail Class and Care-- a software company specializing in childcare.

As Set Sail's products were being built, a lot of research needed to be done. It was decided most the information found could be used to make a useful community preschools and daycares.

So OQCS is presented to you. We hope it helps you to manage your business or find a provider to send you child to.

Let us know if you have any questions or if there is something you are looking for. You can get in touch by commenting on our blog or asking questions in the forum. Also get in touch more directly on our Contact Us page.