Swimming Lesson Plan Created

Swimming Pool Coloring PageWe have created our lesson plan on swimming

We hope this is useful as children great ready for summer months or need a break to dream of warmer weather during the winter.

The Swimming Lesson Plan page found here and is also easy to get to from the lesson plan page.

If there is more content you would like to see on this page. Please let us know. The graphic artists are standing by.

Childcare Advertising

childcare advertising in newspaperLike most tasks in running your daycare, advertising requires you decide your goals before you act. Many companies have wasted a lot of money on advertising by not having a specific goal for the advertising to accomplish.

So what do you want to accomplish with your advertising? More customers? Higher Paying customers? Customers in a new area?

Should you engage with the local community on-line?

Very simple answer:

I know many of you are engaging with your community already through company websites and blogs about the activities the children get to participate in. -- Great Job!

This provides so much advantage to you while being a useful research and communication tool to both customers and potential customers.

What is Childcare?

“Childcare” can have different meanings in cultures and throughout the world. There is not one strict definition.

Furthermore each setting is going to be different. Are we talking about caring for one's own children and extended family members? Is this in a business setting? Childcare Intro does focus more on the business setting, but believe that a childcare provider can influence other areas.

When referring to childcare, we look at the responsibility inherent to providing these services.

Independence Day Lesson Plan

We have added to our Independence Day Lesson Plan.

Nothing like doing it August 2 instead of July 2.  These lesson plans are up year round and so it isn't a problem to be 11 months early.

Click the link to to see the lesson and let us know in the comments below if there are any other materials that would be useful at your preschool.

Summer Community Ideas for your Daycare

There are many different ways to engage your community during the summer.

It is a time when different groups within the local community get together to celebrate and enjoy the weather. It is actually a tradition going hundreds (thousands) of years within agrarian societies and it continues in different forms today.

What are the Requirements to Reach your Childcare Business Goals?

There's a lot of advice out there about project management, business maintenance, accomplishing goals.  Those are subjects we will dive into regularly in this childcare magazine.

A fundamental concept noted in in all of these is: having clear expectations of what needs to be accomplished. You and your employees need to know the desired outcome.

IRS Tax Form to Give Customers

In order to report daycare expenses, parents need the W-10 form to file with their income tax reports.

It is important to note that the provider's taxpayer identification number (tax ID or tid) is a required field on this form. If you don't have a TID provided by the IRS, a social security number is sufficient as well.

Since sharing one's SSN is less than ideal, it is suggested one register for the tax ID (Employer Identification Number).