Childcare Centers and Their Communities

Communities get people excited. They support their members and they grow with that support.

Until recently, communities were usually limited in their geographic scope, but with the internet, it is easier than ever to form a community around a subject or cause. Childcare Intro is a community of childcare operators who want to provide the very best of service to families.

Communities form as members associate. It is a natural process.

It's natural that your childcare center becomes part of the community.

Handling Taxes at your Preschool

At a preschool or other childcare center, you have a couple of different way you have to deal with taxes.

First you have to make sure customers can appropriately deduct the tuition, and this can be handled differently depending on how your service is classified. It is more likely parents would deduct daycare than they would preschool.

What kind of customer would make it easier to run your daycare center?

Do you want to work with people who pay bills on time? Would you like customers to pick up their kids right after work? Do you want to only offer daycare around normal business hours? We starting a new company or when adjusting strategy and reinventing the company, you get to choose who you want to serve. Not everyone chooses their explicitly chooses their customers, but it is a choice we all make. For example, if you want customers to pick up kids right after work, then you need to choose a location near their employers.

Interviewing childcare employees? Do you put your best face forward?

Childcare InterviewFinding the right employee can be difficult. It can be a daunting task to find someone who is going to work hard, who knows what they're doing and who enjoys working with kids and who wants learn to be better every day.

If you find that person, there is another challenge. How do you make sure they want to work for you?

You don't want desperate employees; you want those who want to make a difference.

Here is to Great Childcare, Great Daycare, & GreatPreschool

In his book Good to Great, Dr. Jim Collins states that companies have a few key practices, great discipline, and lot's of drive. They do work hard but it isn't necessarily harder than their competitors-- smarter. So it is with our businesses. Some tasks offer us and our customers value, others do little but drain us of our motivation. Each of our businesses' situations will be different, but together, we can more efficiently find the keys to success at our daycare and preschool centers.

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